Virtual Garage

Match Exclusivity

The Virtual Garage Match Marketplace is a private, social media community designed for the classic and exotic car ecosystem where members are matched on their NEEDS and HAVES.   

This is simular to a Match .com dating site - only for car collectors. 


The "Public" Community Feed

Community Feed VG


The Virtual Garage mobile APP WELCOMEs the public with our Community Feed featuring our Most Popular Garages based on "Likes" and Star Ratings.

Next it features our Newest Garages - also in our scroll format for the "Public" and to preview

Public Community Feed will enable New Members to JOIN and enjoy 60 days of Premium Membership


My Virtual Garage

My Virtual Garage Photo



The Virtual Garage enables Collectors to e-store all of the Vehicles they own or "Wish" to own someday.  It is their professional personal archive for their hobby.

Owners profile themselves and each vehicle storing unlimited photos, videos, documents,  as well as contacts and close associates.

The Virtual Garage POWER comes from ALL members self-posting their WANTS, NEEDS and/or HAVES to share or sell.


My Match Criteria

Match Criteria VG



All Garage Owners and each of their Vehicles have their own unique Match Criteria.

You define WHERE to match (US, State or Global), WHO to match with,  and WHAT criteria to match on.

The Match Engine matches the NEEDs and HAVEs 24/7 automatically delivering matches to your mobile phone or desktop dashboard.


My Dashboard In-Box

V-G Dashboard III



The Virtual Garage is unique in that it provides collectors with a professional back office and dashboard to manage their passion, connect with owners, suppliers and Fans.

They can store unlimited vehicles to include all their photos, videos and files.  It is their digital archive.

Members can Search or Match and then store "finds"  in folders they name.


My Social Media

Garage Social Media Photo

The Virtual Garage is a Member Community designed for collectors  with Social Media features, to include connecting with with other social media venues.

Members can "Like" and "Follow" vehicles as well as rate (stars) and post comments

Members can also create Forums, Groups and teams to address issues and build smaller "birds-of-a-feather" communities

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