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Opening December 2022

Virtual Car Show

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The Virtual Car e-Show is a public venue  where Collectors select an Aisle, create their booth and Show off their collection

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Car Shows, Museums, Virtual Consignment Showrooms,  National Car Clubs

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Public Virtual Car Show 

The e-Show replicates, and compliments, the physical car show experience.

Virtual Garage Owners, and the "Public," can visit 24/7, plus at designated times to "chat" with car owners and Fans.

Visitors can "walk" the Aisles,  or SEARCH for brands or owners.

They can attend events in the Main Auditorium, meet in designated club rooms, or tour the Aisles to find serious collectors.



Multiple Aisles 

Visitors begin their experience by selecting their Aisle from the Aisles drop down... or Newest Arrivals... or Fan Favorites.

Aisles are organized by Vehicle jaundra, popular manufacturer brands and Clucs.

Exhibitors have ONE back office where they can select one or multiple Aisles to feature or show their Booth.

Exhibitor e-Booths

Step one for exhibitors is to build their e-Booth.   Virtual Garage owners can do this with "One-Click" porting.

All e-Show exhibitors will have their own back office to fully customize their e-Booth to include type of both, features and colors

Exhibitors can load photos, videos, documents, presentations, as well as links to their web collateral.



Sponsors have two choices for advertising on the Virtual Garage e-Show Venue.

They can Sponsor the Virtual Garage e-Show Event, or one of the Private branded e-Show events.

The second option is to Sponsor an Aisle, or multiple Aisles on several branded e-Shows.


Partner Branded Events

Physical Car Shows can now go digital and PARTNER with the Virtual Garage - who will build and brand their Virtual Trade Show.

The Partner branded venue will contain a Lobby, main Auditorium, "live" club rooms, aisles and exhibitor booths.

Virtual Garage Exhibitors can post their e-booth in one,  or multiple Partner e-Show venues.



Booth Rental 

Exhibitors have two booth options - they are Standard and Premium 

A Standard e-Booth is $100 per year

A Premium e-Booth is $200 per year and  features premium placement in Search and Aisles scroll placement

Garage Owners, selecting Premium, have the option to place their booth in multiple Aisles and multiple branded e-Show events.


Attend an Event 

All Visitors attending the Virtual Garage e-Show or branded Partner venues are complimentary.

Partner an Event 

The Partner Implementation and branding is one to two months.


Sponsor an Event 

Sponsoring Events places your LOGO with click-through on the Main Event Lobby, the "live" Chat Room and the Main Auditorium

Sponsor an Aisle  

Sponsoring an AISLE  places your LOGO, with click-through, on the entrance to Aisle, plus the theme behind the booths on each Aisle.

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